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Knocked & fucked....Room escape with hard consequences ;)
You will not believe what happened to me just recently in Switzerland!!!! I lie very relaxed in my hotel room, there comes my best girlfriend stormed into the room with a completely strange guy and gives me to understand that she wants to have fun with him..... She asked me if I could not escape quickly and locked me out right on the balcony :o :o I went over to my neighbor on the balcony and knocked at his door, because it really was freezing cold outside :o What should I tell you, I also had a "huge" luck that it was a really pretty guy with a really good tackle in the pants *-* *-* Of course, he has asked me poor, perished girl in and as a small thank you I have him......but you should see it for yourself, since I would not say too much, except that it was super awesome and at the end we both got what we wanted!!!! It was definitely hard and horny ;) And now I wish you a lot of fun in watching and........:D :D :D :D Let it all out, guys ;) Kisses........your Lena :*
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