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Double caught on the lake
I made an appointment with my buddy to fuck at the lake. We both love outdoor sex and thought that we could live out our lust undisturbed. When he was there, we didn't waste any time and he made himself as naked as I was. After a short blowjob I finally wanted him to fuck me really hard and dirty, which he couldn't be said twice. And when we were so nice to fuck, an employee from the nature conservation association came around the corner and wanted to count birds. However, instead of birds they saw FUCKING:) :) God it was embarrassed to us, but what happened then you can see in the clip itself ... .. When they were gone, of course, we continued and my buddy fucked me to a fantastic orgasm until I suddenly realized that we were still being watched and filmed by a tensioner. I can tell you, I will never forget THE number all my life !!!!!
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