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Hotel fuck in Milano
When I was in Milan, I met a user to shoot in a hotel room. Of course I just took off my dirty bitch for convenience after a short while. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful view at the window and put on my jacket because it was still very cold. The little bastard behind me couldn't wait to get started and so he started playing around on my bum while he was filming. That made me pretty horny as always;) He boldly fucked me up by the window while standing, so that anyone who was walking past the hotel could see it. After he made me come from behind and then from the front, I sucked his cock. Unfortunately we were disturbed by the hotel staff, as they knocked and asked if we could not lead our activities away from the window;) That made me so extremely horny that I wanted to give him my juice and squirt him full;) I jumped on him and what happened, you have to see it ;)
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