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My 1st lesbian clip in the swinger club! (feat. Christy Ley)
I was recently at the big MDH-party in Augsburg and the whole event was awesome! It was an UBER awesome mood and well, later on my girlfriend Christy came to me and said that she has the urge to fuck with me ;) Of course I did not say that twice because I was already wet for the whole evening and we were looking for a quiet place, well, with 30 other people ;) :D When we got there, our pussies were already soaking wet because of our horniness and excitement. We could directly feel that those attendees knew exactly what they get to see right now ;) We were so horny on each other that we forgot everything around us and brought each other so far with our tongues and our fingers that we screamed out loud!!! It was just awesome for both and certainly not the last clip we shot together, you can believe me!!!!!!, *wink* At the end there were big applause from meanwhile 50 people and we saw everywhere around us very hard bumps in the pants :)
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